Missing you.

What do I miss?


I miss your kicks.  

I miss your 8:15 wake ups.  

I miss your hiccups.  

I miss the dreams of having you.  

I miss setting my hand on my belly getting closer to you that I already was.

I miss when your daddy would talk to you and sing you songs.

I miss your daddy talking to my belly.

I miss knowing that you were happily growing inside of me.

I miss going to bed at the end of a long day and feeling your kicks.

I miss my doctor’s appointments where we would hear how you were growing.

I miss hearing your heartbeat.

I miss telling Nolan about you.

I miss preparing Nolan to be the best big brother he could possibly be.

I miss preparing your nursery, folding your clothes and shopping for you.

I miss being blissfully happy.

I miss thinking about our future with you.

I miss talking about whether you were a boy or a girl.

I miss attempting to pick a girls name for you.

I miss walking around everywhere I went knowing you were safely tucked inside of me.  

I miss being pregnant with you.

I miss when Nolan would talk to you.

I miss when Nolan would touch my belly and ask about you.

I miss sitting in your nursery reading books to Nolan knowing you were listening along.

I miss looking at the app to see how you were developing.

I miss counting the months, weeks and days until we would meet you.

I miss dreaming about your future.

I miss the time we had together.

I miss your little button nose.

I miss those eyes I never got to see open.

I miss the breath I never got to feel.

I miss the weight of your body on mine.


I miss everything about you Simon.  


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