Tale of Two Pregnancies

My second pregnancy was so different than the first. They were so different I swore I was having a girl this time around. So did everyone else.

When I was pregnant with Nolan my morning sickness, which should just be called “all day sickness,” lasted from 8 weeks until 28 weeks. 20 full weeks of nausea. I guess I can call myself lucky as I never actually puked during those 20 weeks, I just wanted to. All. The. Time. For those 20 weeks I couldn’t even look at food. I was disgusted by just about anything and craved nothing. Saltine crackers, Sprite, bagels, cream cheese, cereal, apples and buttered noodles were about the only things I could stomach. We were lucky enough to live just two blocks away from the grocery store. Brett would walk there every single night with strict instructions to buy something “plain, simple, with not too much flavor, but maybe something salty. Or maybe something sweet. But watch the calories. And Doritos sound good. But not the kind that you bought last time.”

Poor Brett. He tried so hard. He wanted so badly to add something healthy to my diet that I even caught him looking up recipes for toddlers online. “How to sneak veggies in your meals.” And he did. He cooked everything. I couldn’t even step foot in the kitchen. He literally blended veggies one time to try and sneak them into my pasta. I didn’t eat it.  I couldn’t. I ate butter noodles instead. (Delicious!)

We had a beautiful vegetable garden in our front yard that year. Our kitchen counters were overflowing with zucchini, yellow squash and tomatoes. I couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. And the tomatoes.  The tomatoes were the worst. I couldn’t get close to a vegetable, especially tomatoes. Brett again received those strict orders, “take the plant and put in in the trash! I can’t even look at it anymore!” The tomato plant had hundreds of tomatoes still growing on it as it was sent directly to the trash.

I continued to try. And so did Brett.  Everyone kept telling me that the baby needed protein to grow. And what protein did I have in my diet? Butter, maybe. Cream cheese, maybe. So I tried.  I tried to eat greek yogurt for breakfast every morning. Notice how I said I tried? The moment I put it in my mouth the texture would throw me for a loop.  I would immediately start gagging, unable to finish. I felt proud for trying, but still had no idea how to get protein into my system. Brett started preparing me chocolate protein shakes every night before bed, and that did the trick. I was keeping him on his toes and he was up for the job.

It wasn’t just the food aversions. It was everything. The burping. I was constantly burping. And unfortunately sometimes the burps turned into gagging as the taste or the smell of the burp would flip some crazy switch. And talk about smells.  I couldn’t take them. None of them. This is when working in an elementary school turns ugly as I couldn’t handle the smell of a single one of my students. A couple of them would walk in the door and I would immediately wish they hadn’t shown up that day. And if I was talking to someone, anyone, I would try to nonchalantly cover my nose as every single person had dragon breath, especially Brett. (Sorry babe!)

I prepared myself for the worst during my second pregnancy. And it never came. For 38 weeks it was perfect. 

It turns out I was too naive to realize what the worst case scenario could be. And that worst, it did come.


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