How will I ever love another child as much as I love Nolan? Will Nolan and the baby get along? Will it be a boy or a girl? What if we don’t pick the right name?What if they don’t like their name? Do we have everything that we need? Will the baby be a terrible … More worry

“Love Fiercely”

What does support through grief look like to you? No one has really asked.  But if they did, this is what I would say. Just. Show. Up.   It’s that simple.   Show. Up. BE THERE.  Be there when the world crumbles.  Be there when the clouds drift away for a bit. Be there for … More “Love Fiercely”


Some people think it is morbid.  I think it essential. When I tell people about it, you can see the horror in their eyes. You may see a hint of curiosity and possibly a little bit of wonder, but not often.  Unless you have had the rug pulled out from underneath you and survived up … More TTFA


I woke up this morning paralyzed.  Paralyzed with fear. With anger. With every fucking emotion that actually exists, except for happiness and joy and all of that other bullshit. How is this possible? How is this our life? How did it come to this? How has it come to this… again? It is as if … More Again


The other day, I heard a fabulous description for grief.   Grief, it’s like you are sitting in your house and your house is bombed. Everything crumbles around you and you are left laying on the floor in a fetal position surrounded by rubble. And you lay there. You lay there for as long as … More Rebuilding

How Are You?

What do you tell the person that asks “How are you?” you know, the chipper “How are you?” in a high pitched voice, not the “How are you?” in a empathetic or concerned voice. Do you tell them the truth? Do you tell them that you hardly got out of bed this morning. Do you … More How Are You?